Carved Birds

establish over 39 years, Tim Peek upholds an admirable family tradition of woodcarving  spanning five generations. Tim is proud that his son Robert has joined the company and has a 1st class  diploma in woodcarving from the London school of art in Kennington, London

They work to sustain the highest standards, their creations can only be described as works of art. The commissions can be seen all over the world in the quarters of the affluent & celebrated.

Their carvings are a variety popular birds, each one given a considerable amount time observing and researching each species,  both Tim and Robert have achieved the mannerisms and minor details of each bird to give it that life like quality.

As a result of their expertise with carving, timber and joinery, Tim and Robert can make any bird you require, at any size, just contact Tim and will he will answer any enquiries.

Please have look these pictures, prices will be on the description section of each image


"a life size woodcarving of a water rail "